Welcomes new students with flexible measures as pandemic subsides

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SISU welcomes new studentswith flexible measures as pandemic subsidesShanghaiInternational Studies University (SISU) welcomed its new studentswith flexible measures amid stable pandemic situation in China.

Thoughthe pandemic has subsided in mainland China, providing students withpossibilities to go back to campus, many universities in Chinaincluding SISU still take some basic "social distancing"practices.

ZhengHanyi, the consoler of the School of Journalism and Communication,introduced that they have taken various problems into considerationand have tried their best to avoid unnecessary indoor gathering."Students are asked to wear masks and sit separately if thegathering amount has surpassed 50." she said.

Besides,this year, parents are not allowed to enter into the residentialarea, which means these young adults have to finish theirregistration and start their new life independently. "But I donot think this is a difficult task, the university had hired portersto help us move heavy packages and we can see enthusiastic volunteerseverywhere. They are very helpful", Chang Junyi, a SISU freshmensaid.

Exceptfor local students, SISU also elaborately prepared for welcominginternational students, who, because of the global pandemic, have tofinish registration and take classes online. The welcome job forthose students, who come from different countries with variouscultural backgrounds, is not an easy task, especially for this year.

Whenit comes to the difficulties, both students and the faculty membersmentioned "time difference". Wan Shiyun, the officer whoare in charge of international student affairs at SISU said that theuniversity took jet leg into consideration while arranging thecourses. And such consideration has got high compliments amonginternational students.

"Ithink that SISU paid close attention to prepare schedule which suitsboth in class and online students. When I first saw the schedule,because of time difference I was supposed to have some classes at 3a.m. but then they changed and now it's earlier." LusiaMisurdova, a master student from Slovakia, said.

Duringthe orientation week, SISU has hold a wide range of activitiesincluding a grand new students convocation and “the first class”,a SISU tradition which hosted by SISU’s university council chair,Dr. Jiang Feng, which aims to introduce university history and toimpart inspirations to all the new students, marking the formalentrance of all the new SISU community members.