Four courses launch on the MOE first global online course platform

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fourcourses launch on the MOE first global online course platform

Four courses fromShanghai International Studies University (SISU)were among the first groups of courses published on the internationalonline-teaching platform iCourse which was launched by ChineseMinistry of Education (MOE) recently.

The fourcourses, Competency-basedInterviewing and Selection", "Macroeconomics", "HealthManagement" and "Fitness Yoga", are taught in English,Chinese and German. They have also been open on the platform ChinaUniversity MOOC since December 2019. They impressed learners with newcontent, frequent interaction, innovative methodology and acombination of knowledge and skills.

The course Competency-basedInterviewing and Selection introducesthe United Nations (UN) and provides students with tips on UN’s jobinterview.Thecourse Macroeconomics summarisestheories from fundamental macroeconomic issues. The course HealthManagementcovers studiesof medicine, education and sports, featuring multi-languages and manypractices. The course Fitness Yoga tells the basic knowledge andposes of yoga.

As COVID-19 has affectedoffline teaching, Chinese MOE startedlaunching international online-teachingplatforms to introduce global learners the free high-quality MOOCsfrom Chinese universities and colleges. iCourse and XuetangX were thefirst platforms to be developed by MOE.

193courses from53 "Double First Class" universities andseven universities withdistinctive majors are available now on the iCourse. They cover eightfields including medicine and epidemic prevention and control,economics, science, engineering, art and culture, artificialintelligence and virtual simulation experiment, agriculture andecology, and future-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship. WuYan, director ofhigher education of the MOE, said that iCourse showed the highquality of Chinasonline courses.

SISU has always beenfocusing on developing MOOCs globally,with its 33 courses offered to the world’s leading MOOC platformsincluding ChinaUniversity MOOCplatform and FutureLearn, attracting over 600,000 learners. Afterjoining the FutureLearn partnership as the third university in Chinain 2014, SISU launched an international English course in2005, which was the first English online course in China and thethird in Asia. SISU promoted MOOCs development and set up 30 MOOCsin 2019.