Voice for social problems heard at the Two Sessions

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SISU’s voice for socialproblems heard at the Two Sessions

HuangQi, national political adviser, the associate professor of School ofLaw at Shanghai International Studies University, submitted fourproposals at the annual Two Sessions, which won attention frommainstream media including Xinmin Evening Post, Kankan News andWenhui.

Huang’sproposals included revising wildlife protection law, imposingemployment restrictions on sex offenders, regulating personal data’scollection, use and management in social governance, and increasingcare for autistic children.

Huangsaid that a national legal system of employment restrictions on sexoffenders was effective to prevent sex crimes that had caughtattention in recent years.

"Electronictechnology can help supervise monitor criminals through real-timepositioning. Persons involved in sexual assaults should be restrictedfrom occupations related to minors for life." She said.

Shesuggested increasing support for families and social organizations ofautistic children as they account for the largest proportion ofmentally disabled children in China. She also emphasized thatgovernments should clarify its responsibilities to set industrystandards, and autistic children should be allowed to attend ordinaryschools and contact with healthcare service providers freely.